Laser Clinic

Up to 17 new lasers, including the latest laser equipment for skin and Thermage CPT, are ready to protect your beauty.

Skin rejuvenation

Skin pigmentation disorder, melisma(skin darkening during pregnancy), spots, freckles, aged spot, redness of the face, enlargement of capillaries, pores, acne scar, stretch mark. Remove skin imperfections and discoloration, shrink the pores and whiten the skin through our rejuvenation laser treatment, personalized to each individual skin type.

Wrinkles and facial lifting

Our 3D technology uses a micro-needle providing a high-frequency stimulation which rejuvenates the collagen and elasticity of your skin

Permanent hair removal

Our latest laser equipment selectively destroys the melanin from the roots and remove unwanted hair permanently.


Destroy of tattoo ink particles without tissue damage by using a special machine. Regular tattoo/semi permanent make up (eyebrow, eyeline, lips)

Medical skin care

With this professional program you will receive an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment based on individual skin conditions by a specialist. customized skin care for maximum results.