Medi Spa

Blood Circulation, Detoxification, Cellulite Reduction, Remineralization.

Cellulite Reduction

MEDI-SPA can dissolve cellulite. The energy of water is directly transferred to the concerned area of ​​the body to dissolve cellulite. Unlike other therapies, there is no complication and no side effects.


MEDI-SPA massage (acupressure meridian) and acupressure can smoothen the biorhythms so that you can restore your fatigue and regeneration, and make your life more vigorous.


It disintegrates fibrous and hardened cellulite to give a diet effect to fight obesity and edema. The muscles in each part of the body are relaxed enough to improve circulation of blood, lymphatic fluid, and nerves, to enhance disease and resistance, and to maintain youth and health. It improves blood circulation disorder, thyroid, and lymph.

You can relieve your stress because your mind and body are stable by maintaining a physically refreshing mood to fight off depression, and other mental illness.

Enhance the built-in function to improve digestion to improve stomach, intestinal obstruction, and lung disease.

It also improves the circulation of the skin and muscles, reduces the burden on the heart, and further improves and regulates the blood circulation throughout the body. Heart disease, blood circulation disorder can certainly benefit from MediSpa.

It helps treatment of constipation by inducing intestinal movement and has psychological stabilization effect.

You can maintain your body’s flexibility and take deep sleep to ward off chronic fatigue and insomnia.

MediSpa can help to prevent aging, arthritis, myasthenia gravis, and by strengthening ligaments and muscles, it can help prevent injuries.

Prevents and improves adult diseases such as efficacy in hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, obesity, paralysis.